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Reviews for "Empire Business"

addicting and simple but it should have more to offer with the game title being a bit misleading, next version try to add where u can become a billionaire, build companies and corporations and have them aid in this quest for more money.

Surprisingly addictive considering the only gameplay it has is collecting coins and buying upgrades to be able to make more money from the coincs. The graphics are very simple, though. A little bit more of background and color would have been nice.

A nice timekiller overall, but in the end, just that: A timekiller.

I like the game. It's pretty fun until the Flash forgets to count part. Still a good game

This game is very basic as far as skill goes but for some reason I got addicted quickly. The only down fall for me is that it was repeative and I wish there would have been more upgrades to choice from. Needless to say I wouldnt call this a bad game but it is very basic. Other than that well done.

Short, Simple and fun.