Reviews for "Earn To Die 2012: Part 2"

these was the best Newgrounds game series the story was great
and there was bombs at the perfect time
the only thing i didn't get was at the end earn to die 2012 part 1
you are driving in green car when in earn to die 2012 part 2
you half to buy the green car at the end still a good game
i don't like iphone and ipad deal i hope continue the maybe in 3D

I didn't really like it, very repetitive and uninteresting for me, you basically had to upgrade your car fully every time and start over with no feel of earning anything, it would have been better to use your cars in a convoy or something instead of just losing it and doing all of the tiring upgrades again and again, plus the tilting mechanic is very old and didn't have much of a difference in this game, I really can't give this more than two stars.

But it is 2014...

Ohh that was great i mean i played all of them and liked them all but this one... **** and a half*
because one the 3rd place there were so many boxes that it was just unbaliveable.

what the fuck is this