Reviews for "Earn To Die 2012: Part 2"

A great and fun game. Played it tons of times and still will play it.
-It may only have 3 cars but you can upgrade them heavily
-I like the types of zombies especially that big guy
-Sick music that will pump you up while playing
-It may be short,but each level is hard so by the time you finish 1 level it will take the same time that you took while finishing 10 levels.
Whenever you're bored this is the right game/series for you. Cars +Destruction=fun 5/5 in my book

Same formula, same fun. I've played them all and keep doing so in the future. It's funny and entertaining. Just play with sound muted and blast some metal over it = win.

One thing I don't like about these games though, the facebook like that is supposed to double your score at the end of a level. Don't tell me it's 2015 you should have a facebook crap argument, fuck that. But since it's your game, you're free to do pretty much what you want after all, I don't mind the box urging you to buy the product every 10 turns but the facebook like is too much imo. Reading the comments, there are people complaining about the logic, rational side of the story. Fools, put your brain aside (if you still have one) when you play these games. It's a freaking game about rolling over undeads.

Finished it in 36 days.

If he runs out of fuel then how does he get back in the garage.Theres no way he could bring the vehicle back in the garage if he runs out of fuel.This game does not understand the mastermind of plans and ideas.If he got back in the garage with more fuel then why did he not use it in the first place.This game does not know what real life has that is missing.How did the zombie get in the airplane because all the doors were closed.The zombie in the airplane is not the pilot because how can the pilot could get infected if he was in a airplane.This game has a lot of work and adjustment to do when they read this comment I have made.

I completed this in 36 days
dont you think the usage of box is a bit too much
and there are more boxes than zombies in this game

I don't know is it just a bug or is it just that I suck at the game. Here is the problem: I fully upgraded everything on my fire truck, but the moment that I start the day, my gas tank starts at around 60% and the moment I start the engines, the gas runs out hell fast, even if I do not press anything. Please fix this problem if it is a bug, otherwise I won't even be able to pass level one. All in all, it is a great game to play.