Reviews for "Dragons Cock"

I'm so glad I've been an adult for 8 years...

This is how I feel when I play God of War and my parents walk in on the ONE AND ONLY Aphrodites love scene.

He should of just ran while had the chance instead of finishing his mission lol XD

I swear I have bought more games due to NG influence than actual game advertisement

I was actually considering getting this game for vita - does that kind of shit actually happen in the game? Never been a huge fan of beat-em ups so I was unsure, but if there's stuff like that in the game then I'll be glad I didn't buy it lol.

Animating was pretty good, only thing that threw me off was the manly mother's voice. I know it was meant to be funny, but I feel like a woman doing a manly voice would have worked just so much better.