Reviews for "Dragons Cock"

I honestly thought there would be some twist in the end as well as the moms voice was not manly

enough to have that kind of sound other then that and the fact that doesn't happen in dragons crown

the music talking and animation was fine

ArinsMind responds:

I honestly have a difficult time trying to grasp what you are talking about.


The ending just seems...lazy...

Funny thing is that when I wanted Dragon's Crown, I did not get it for the Sorceress or the Amazon. To be honest, my favorite character in the game is the Archer. Do you have a favorite character in the game Arin? Other than playing as the archer, I got the game because of Vanillaware and their lively artwork. The art style and the backgrounds look majestic and full of life. I also loved the orchestrated music Vanillaware has for their games, from "Grimgrimoire" to "Muramasa the Demon Blade." There have been memorable times with that group and they just get better, in my perspective. I kind of like how you get to point and click on stuff, it's good for a laugh under certain circumstances in the game. Watching this Flash you made can prove how funny the scenes can be in Dragon's Crown sometimes and I enjoyed it.