Reviews for "Dragons Cock"

I had a good laugh. Moms seem to walk in your room at the wrong time always.


I'm quite sure Benjamin was just the name of the kid. It holds no special meaning other than having the mom yell at him for playing a mature game for his age.

Personally...I never heard of Dragon's Crown, but I can understand the context of doing something you're not supposed to or getting busted for playing/watching something very sexual and getting whooped for it! lol

Is there something I'm missing? I don't really get it...

Yeah, I know what Dragon's Crown is, I know how hyper sexualized everything is in that game, but I'm not really seeing how this is funny. Who is Benjamin? Why is his mom like that? Were we to expect his mom to suddenly beat him up? Was beating him up funny? It's sorta like I need to know who Benjamin is and who his Mom is to get the joke, but I don't.

It's well animated, but it's really not that funny.

parents have the worst timing when they walk into your room while your playing a videogame, they walk in just in time to see that ONE little somewhat suggestive scene, and they react like you're playing porno game, especially when it's your mother who walks in on you

You call that a beating, I've been beating up worse than that, come on put some backbone into it.