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Reviews for "Diggy"

Very fun, i love these types of games, i felt the upgrades were fair and kept a nice pace with the pace of the game... good job

Fuck you!

I've had things to do...
I played this for fuckin HOURS!

Lovely game - but not excellence. Gameplay is smooth... music gets stale after a little while... storyline minimal - yet engaging enough to keep me playing until the end...

I admit a fondness for these kinds of games, ever since I first tasted "Motherlode", and I think this game brings a little something to the genre.

Yet - there are still a few things missing... an opponent, perhaps? More background? Better art?

A game like this is simple and entertaining, but not truly engaging. At no point did I feel any challenge, outside of the (often-hacked) "High Score" panel.

As a free-to-play, this game does well. It holds enough interest to keep someone with you. As a sincere attempt to break into the video-game industry... this just doesn't feel much like a labor of love.

((This is a personal review, a critique from one person, whom hasn't coded a game since DOS 2.0. But... I know what I like!))

Music is nice, I ran into a glitch in the beginning but it seemed to sort itself out. I've seen this idea done before but this is executed in a better way. Overall a pretty good game.

anything that remidns me of the One True God Pooyan gets my vote.