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Reviews for "Diggy"

Addictive game played it for hours

I really did enjoy this game. It was a bit of a challenge. However, I was spending more time trying to get energy and upgrades than actually trying to get the mushroom thing.

Great game. Probably the best I have played lately.

Very good, very fun game, but it did have a number of issues.

First off, this was either written in russian and then translated very poorly, or just written very poorly. The writing errors don't really get in the way of the game, and they even lend it a little charm, but they don't lend it the kind of humourous charm Vogd3 was likely aiming for.

By far the biggest issue, though, is the terrible platforming and hit detection. As much of the game is spend hopping around tunnels, being able to platform effectively is pretty crucial. This was compounded by the fact that the day ends as soon as you run out of energy, and you're able to get energy from mining stuff fairly early on, which led me to quite a few situations where I'd use the last of my energy trying to get an item, only to have the hit detection fail, and for me to get stuck on the terrain or fall off. I'd suggest making the "End Day" button the only way to actually end the day, so that players can return to the surface to recharge even if they've completely run out of energy.

A less mechanically-relevant issue is that, as you're likely aware, the characters in the game look exactly like the minions from Despicable Me, so it'd probably be best if you changed the aesthetic for the next game.

Oh, and just a little funny error, the computers give you 1377 coins, which should probably be 1337. I think that's just a typo, and you were thinking of the internet meme when you put the computers in.

This game was great! The twist in the end was awesome and the game was just awesome. FIVE STARS~ :3