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Reviews for "Diggy"

this here a good game y'all

Really nice, howewer the jump system should be improved, it's frustrating how sometimes I can't stay on dirt even if i pass on it when returning on the surface.
@Askis: If you look closely there's a big X on the window that opens when battery dies

Nice little time waster, but the day shouldn't end immediately when your energy runs out.
Especially once you unlock the solar battery, you might still be able to charge it up and keep going.
Just have an arrow point at the end day button and let the player decide when to end it.

Loved it

Cool, fun, and addictive digging game!
The thing that takes this game to the next level is the amazing music tracks.
The songs are very reminiscent of games from the 90's and perhaps (I hate to say it) but some of the cooler 80's disco tracks.
Great job here, and keep up the great work!