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Reviews for "Too Cute: Pokémon"

Hahaha loved it.

Although one thing I didn't like..

I REALLY wanted to see the charmanders!! xD

Sweet ending, bro!

LOL,the charmanders was the best ever,do more like that!(also fuck you fish,u dont do sh*t at all)

Dude, this is officially one of the greatest flashes ever made! I love the CGI you use. If most Newgrounds cartoons eventually become like that, I won't have a problem. I just fricking loved how original this idea was. It seemed like such an obvious thing, why has no one done this before? They are pretty adorable.

I knew there would be a twist with the Charmanders. The voices were awesome and soothing. This is probably what would happen to pokemon in real life. Call Smosh! Everything about this was just freaking awesome. I'm a fan of yours now and forever!

You have GOT to make a series!cuz dis is so cute.But id go without the endings like that all the time (Wont be too bad for SOME episodes)but in the show it shows all 3 families on every age
and has more ages so you would need to do the same thing.But graphics would be PERFECT for the series so dont change them!