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Reviews for "Too Cute: Pokémon"

well...that caught me off guard but funny as hell xD

pretty long delay, i think i saw this on youtube like a month ago? maybe a few weeks?

also that ending lmao

5/5 BOTH plz do moar

Esquirebob responds:

Yeah haha, I'd be lying if I said I only got a little distracted. Been busy workin' on a couple new things, but remembered I wanted to put this on here :D Hope it's not too late haha

Holy crap that was awesome, and for some reason i did not see that ending coming. I want more of this NAO!!

Esquirebob responds:

Thanks a bunch :)

The Squrtiles were just Chu Cyte!

Absolutely awesome! Original humor and no cliches. Even the twist ending I didn't expect!
I hope more will be in the works! Overall MORE, maybe even a SudoWudo?

Esquirebob responds:

It'd be a master at hide-and-go-seek, that's for sure.