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Reviews for "Too Cute: Pokémon"

Love the Too Cute parody! Egoraptor has the narrators voice down pact and you would swear that it was directly from Animal Planet. Well done! The animation is top notch and I could easily see this becoming a series. While I personally am not familiar with the whole Pokemon universe, this was bloody entertaining, especially the ending. A major round of kudos to all of you!


(Hmmmm, I wonder? Do Digletts start out as maggots?)

I love your work, and this is probably one of my favorites. Everything is perfect, and the Pokémon are just plain adorable! The animation's great, Ego's voice is perfect, and the ending, though a bit predictable, is real funny.
Keep up the good work!

P.S: I would have love to see the Charmanders, I bet they'd be as cute as the Bulbasaurs and the Squirtles


It was far too cute for my tastes, but I hung on hoping for a gag, AND GOSHDARN BUT DID I GET ONE