Reviews for "Freak o' Lantern"

It's alright but no blood and gore, gets pretty boring, but good quality at least.

to kill the dog, you have to spit at it and then attack it.

the skills are kinda pointless, we can only use three and it takes too long to upgrade all of them.

the game is, like others said, very repetive. why canĀ“t the freak-boy just walk around and collect candy?

Its a fun game. Like the concept. Seems to be a little tricky for me when I have to kill a bully, but why make a game without any challenges right? I think I will be playing this one for a little while. Nice job.

Stays too easy throughout the game for such a hard end boss. Other than the end boss, its got pretty addicting gameplay, and also very good graphics and intro, and its very addicting. Anyway the only reason I didn't give 5 stars is because of the sudden gigantic hike in difficulty at the very end.

Good concept, but way too repetitive. Even 15 levels per zone is way too much. It quickly turns into an exercise in boredom as you do the same exact thing over and over again. Even the new enemy varieties add very little to the game play.