Reviews for "Freak o' Lantern"

An excellent game! with an atmosphere of eighties slasher that chills! The creature reminds me of the baby from the movie "the suckling", the music is not strange to me too, and the theme of helloween is a full plate! I marveled at the competence of those who made this great game! If it was in the days of arcades would be understood and would become a classic!

Evil-Dog responds:

Thanks man, glad you enjoyed it!

This game is full of awesome! Possibly one of the best Halloween flash games out there in fact.
Love the graphics, suspenseful music, and of course stealing candy from kids as a crazy monster.
Great job to everyone who worked on this one.
Now I'm off to gather me some more medals!
Keep up the great work!

Evil-Dog responds:

Thanks man!

muy buen juego Evil-DoG x)

Evil-Dog responds:

Muchos nachos

awesome game and concept!
but I want more perk spaces, three are hardly enough(at least at level 2)
and more CANDY!

Honestly, not my kind of game so I didn't play all the way through it.

The artwork is amazing. The game handles beautifully. I've studied programming and I don't know where you guys find the patience to put so much detial into your games.

All in all worth a five.