Reviews for "Freak o' Lantern"

Awesome Possum man. Had a lot of fun. Still going at it though. Happy Halloween. :]

Evil-Dog responds:

you too bro

wow 0 points for legendary terror.just wow i hate that.Why would you get 0 points for a medal.still though good game.But get that medal points change.

Evil-Dog responds:

It always says 0 points when no one has gotten a medal yet. That medal was broken, it's fixed in 1.02, read the description for more info on the new version.

Well, I had already seen some lives you had done while programmed the game, so I have not had many problems start playing, however I believe that anyone who plays the tutorial level will have no trouble adapting.

- Gameplay

In the first 30 minutes I quite liked, but started to get a little boring. The perks let the cool game, and try to keep them all at level 3 is a good challenge. But it gets kind of boring after a while? Well, there are challenges at every stage what is happening, but apparently does not change the gameplay. The perks change the way how you play, and forces you and change your tactics(and that's pretty cool in my opinion, it makes you play better in any circumstance), however, is not very nice to change the mode as you play, if the game remains the same.
Now talking about the enemies.
The bullies are not a great challenge, I admit, however there are some that are quite boring (like what throws molotov). And the dogs... My God, these dogs... think are the most annoying enemies. There is one thing that sometimes happens to me, is the fact that when I go back to the street after picking up a pumpkin, a dog appears immediately and destroys it. Seriously, this is pretty boring.
How to bosses as well, are kind of hard to defeat, but bosses are bosses, is not it ?

- Graphics

This surely is one of the strongest points ( congratulations SDF ) . I do not think I have much to say here except to praise . I really liked the introduction where he escapes the cage .

- Music and voice acting

Another strong point . All are pretty cool, and some are quite funny. As for the music , simply epic . Excellent orchestral and classic themes.

- Challenge mode

I think in my opinion, is the strongest point of this game. I'm sure it was more the way I played. It's fun as hell, and not to mention that it's a great way to get candy to evolve perks. I like having to face bosses in this mode, it's pretty cool .

- Conclusion!

Well, great job, did not think it was better than the Road of Death 2 (that game is amazing), but even so this is very good.
There are some things to fix. I found some bugs. One is that I found a "Test Medal", I was winning every 10 seconds. Only happened once, but I think you should fix.
Another thing is, if I get a dog off the screen with a fireball(or anything that I can shoot from inside my pumpkin), he comes back with a very high speed. Indeed very high .

But anyway. Excellent game. Congratulations to the entire team of production.
Note: 8/10 ~ 4/5

Happy Halloween >:) Huhuhahahahahaha !

Evil-Dog responds:

Thanks, the new version is a lot less grindy

Awesome. ;3

Evil-Dog responds:


Lots of fun... a bit grindy ... but that was mainly the 1st world. The 2nd world actually requires using all the different strategies of hiding properly and more complex attack/evade ... which was a huge plus. great work!

Evil-Dog responds:

The new version is less grindy but sad side effect is you lose your progress, SORRY!