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Reviews for "Ragdoll Ahievement 2"

its ok


Ummm? are you sure I don't see a typo.... You must have a glitch game

The title of this game has a typo. That's just terrible.

"Ragdoll "Ahievement 2".

this makes me think of dummy never fails game

There was a game just like this, it was so similar I would say this was inspired by it, but I cannot remember the name of that game! I played it when I was younger.
It was a game where you do the same thing but with a blue alien-like person, and there was something with ducks.
Same white background, same jumper, re-textured spikes, almost the same mines, I think this guy was trying to make that game. I WISH I COULD REMEMBER WHAT IT WAS CALLED! When someone knows what game I'm talking about, please message me.