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Reviews for "Ragdoll Ahievement 2"

awesome game thou i think i broke it, it have to do whith the stake arrow(last upgrate a stake that glues the doll to a surface ) that glue the dolls head to th floor while a diagonal jumpi thingi an the mahine gun try to push the body

This game is tons of fun and honestly I could play it for a very long time! The achievement concept reminds me a lot of those "free" iPhone games where you get extra coins or whatever for completing them. Usually they're a real pain to me, yet ironically it's a lot more fun here! It's almost completely pointless and really repetitive, but genius in its own way.

I do have a minor complaint, not game ruining in any way though. When I buy the upgrades, I noticed there's a picture representing what the upgrade will look like, but I honestly have no idea what it will do half the time. I'm not sure if this was supposed to be part of the experience, but sometimes I feel like I wasted an upgrade just because I can't tell what it does! For example, the teleport upgrade. I know it makes the ragdoll glow green, but what does that do? Has gravity been effected, does he have a damage multiplier now? It would be a lot nicer if there was just a little description to go along with it.

Outside of that, great game, enjoy it a lot. Art is good, music is good, sound effects are good. A solid effort and it shows!

PegasGames responds:

Thanks alot, eyah you are right about upgrades. And teleporter multiply melle weapon damage

you can play it 100000000000000 hours and its not boring

I like this game a lot!

Any game that can keep me glued to a computer screen for over three hours deserves an automatic five.

Well done!