Reviews for "Cursed Treasure 2"

Fully agree with what was written by FishScratchFever

You've got a solid game here, but there are a couple flaws. I'd like to hit a few points.

First and foremost, it feels like I have to rely far too much on luck. This is a strategy defense game. I don't want my strategy to fail because I didn't see a mana potion in two waves. I don't want my strategy to be irrelevant because I got 400 extra gold in the first 2 waves so I just steamrolled.. There should be more reliability than what we're working with.
Secondly, WOW upgraded towers are powerful. This feels -really- good, but the enemy needs to be tougher to match. The boss fights scaled appropriately, but the entire second half a map's waves are completely outclassed and inconsequential.
Third, Amazons. They are incredibly frustrating to see in numbers. I would suggest spreading them one or two in the van or middle of a wave to sow controlled chaos with Charm as is. Other options are to severely reduce its duration, or make Terror grant a tower brief immunity as well as breaking it. Maybe you could even preemptively use it as a buffer. Whatever the solution, the problem is Amazons are the wrong kind of hard.
Lastly there was a static crackle in the music track. That'd be a wonderful thing to be rid of.

There's a lot good going on here. A little polish would make it great.

... I love gems!
Also, I love this game since I found it. Both the idea and the plot cool.
But i could use better graphic.

Really addictive game ! Not too easy, not too hard, perfect !

This game is excellent (except the lagginess/lack of low graphics settings). That being said, I feel the need to rant. Many people are complaining about the difficulty of anywhere from the last few levels to the last half of the game. For the most part, this is ridiculous. With high enough skills and a decent understanding of the game, every level but one is quite easy to brilliant. I'm not even that good at TD games, yet I got brilliants day and night for levels 19 and 21 on my first try for each. Level 20, on the other hand, is TOTAL BULLSHIT. It must have taken me 50 or more tries, due to its pure dependence on luck. If you don't get a shit ton of mana drops, you lose, pure and simple. And even if you do, you'll probably lose anyway. The tiny space between the water and the gems basically forces you to use terror on every single diver that makes it through (or else take a very high risk of having to restart). Of course if you do that you are almost certain to not have enough mana to both fend off the bandits and robots AND manage to take out the ships before the divers become completely unstoppable. Achievements should not require sheer blind luck to accomplish. I should not have had to waste so many hours getting those last two medals when clearly I had already mastered the game.