Reviews for "Cursed Treasure 2"

A game as enthralling as the first! The only things... and I stress: the ~only~ things that hold me back from a total of 5 stars is... there is no real storyline, and you're rather limited in the beginning. . The music is simple, yet doesn't seem to get stale. The graphics are a labor of love (always more of hindsight in strategy games - for reasons of brevity). The gameplay and strategy are thoroughly engaging.

Yet... I feel no real identity as a player. There is no driving reason to want to see the story through to the end. In the beginning scenarios (replayed), you can't really level-up like you have in the conquered levels in the future. IMHO: Once you have achieved the ability to do something, you should be able to accomplish it at any re-played level of the game... sort of like the dejected would-be overlord coming back to wreak his revenge.

Without a story, the gameplay really means nothing to me. Without some kind of emotional appeal (no matter how twisted!), a game like this will break down into simple math. The staticians amongst us are thrilled by the challenge of "breaking the code" (NOT necessarily the game!) and winning the game with brutal science. The emotional players have nothing to grasp that compels them to see the game through to its end. Give us a story, and make us the star, and you'll get the remaining star from me.

IriySoft responds:

We wanted to add a story but had to cut it (along with some other cool features) to be able to finish the game withing a reasonable period.

Quite a pretty little sequel you've got here, Iriy Soft :D. I love the cartoony style you've given the enemies, while still keeping it recognizably 'Cursed Treasure'.

It's definitely a lot more challenging than the first one. I never thought I'd find myself MISSING the old ninja bosses, but DAMN are those amazons annoying! I'd give anything for a skill that warded against that stupid charm spell >__<. I think I'm roughly half way through getting all the brilliant scores, and personally DREADING how difficult the Wastelands are going to be (especially the night levels. WHYYYYYY).

I also like some of the new tower upgrades, though I don't think I ever once used the ballista route for the orc towers. Seriously, compared to the sniper dens, there's just no contest. The other two classes were fun to mix around though, and I still find myself favoring the undead towers. It's always fun placing about three or so haunting/freezing crypts together for maximum hijinks.

There's only really two things I can think of that would have improved my gameplay experience:

1) I'd be REALLY nice if you collected dropped coins automatically, rather than having to click on them first. Littering the level with stockpiles of mana potions was an invaluable tactic for boss fights, but all the coins seemed to do was stall me from clicking on nearby spell traps at critical moments.

2) A minor issue, but I found that the hotkeys for spells weren't as useful as they were in the first game. Rather than automatically casting the spell where your cursor was, it brings up the spell's symbol and doesn't get cast until you click again. Not to mention you have to repeat this if you're trying to cast, say, consecutive meteor spells. It just feels needlessly stalled to me. Granted, it's only a fraction of a second, but for the life of me, I can't think of any actual purpose this serves. It feels like one of those annoying confirmation windows: "Are you SURE you want to run meteor.exe?" YES, damn it! D:<

Aside from that, it's an awesome sequel. Keep up the good work :D

IriySoft responds:

Hey, thanks! We plan to add auto-collect with the update.

I felt like the chicken spell needs to debuff those effected as well. For example, the templars can aura themselves but turning them into a chicken doesn't remove that aura (the swords still float around them) and I feel like it should. Same goes with the amazon ability, the chicken thing should cancel it out as well I feel. Lightning scroll I also felt was simply way to week to be useful on the times that it actually showed up.

Also, a lot of time I want to save scrolls for later use but coins and potions will be underneath them so I have to use it and I feel like something like that is problematic.

Lastly, the fear spell really needs to not only remove charms but provide immunity for like, two seconds. This is because the amazons come in clumps and often times the towers only fire once before being recharmed and there's few ways to maximize the placement of the spell because of this.

Very well programmed. Nothing amazingly original but very well rounded. Addictive but a bit overwhelming at first. I could see this being a great game for a phone.


Though I am not a fan of the art style (hurts m' peepers), the gameplay has almost all of the features of the first game and more. You have your base 3 towers along with the skill trees (which, I will admit, look much better in this style) and a respec has been added. The Frenzy Spell has been removed, which is a change I welcome, as it was useless against ninjas and would be in this game, too. The tower upgrade system has been improved, as you can switch to the other variant of tower halfway through (before, if you picked a sniper den, you were stuck with it.) The difficulty seems to have been upped, and I feel that the only flaw I could find in the gameplay is here. It's not that I hate the difficulty, it's just that some of the later levels seem impossible without going back and grinding for xp; you can't go through each level one by one and expect to get anywhere in a decent time.