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Reviews for "Cursed Treasure 2"

Man, revisiting this game is an excellent reminder of what god tier tower defense is all about. You can grind until you max everything out and get 3 stars easily, but the best players will min max their way to a brilliant end as they go.

Memorize the summoning order, know when to conserve mana, and don't be afraid to reset your skills (at no cost, remember it's not a freemium game).

It's been years since I've played this game. I have good, fond memories of playing it for hours. After having not played it for so long, I thought that surely it couldn't be as fun as I remembered. It turns out yes, yes it can.

Placement of towers, deciding which upgrade paths to follow for which situations, what skills to take either in general or for a particular level, when to cast spells, which spells to cast, all of these decisions add a ton of challenge to an otherwise simple tower defense game.

Whilst finishing each level on its own isn't usually difficult, getting three stars on both the day, and especially the night levels, adds a whole layer to the game. Sometimes just placing towers differently helps. Sometimes you need to save your mana for a clutch fear. Sometimes, you just need to come back after another level-up, or rearrange your skill tree.

The only reason this isn't a full five stars is because after playing for a long time, it either lags terribly or bugs out (Night levels can have the light indicators not show, the upgrade menu for towers not clicking the first time or closing after upgrading, or on one occasion just loading a blank grey screen save for the gem cave, which was inexplicably at the top left. I've been unable to consistently recreate the errors though). A restart always fixes both problems when they happen.

All in all, best tower defense game I've played.

can you upload Cursed Treasure 2 Remastered please

Simply not loading "<creatives>
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Is what I'm getting as it crashes the window. You need to fix this fast.

Bloody heck this is a fun game