Reviews for "Mr. Moore's Last Seconds"

Nice job. Not a big fan of this sort of 'game' but it was nice. The soundtrack is lovely, I might actually buy it.

SpringMissile responds:

Thanks man, would appreciate it if you did! It's much higher quality than on the game.

amazing story, because for me, that's not a game, or maybe it is.... I don't know but it was great!
also, there's something weird with the scene before having to push the car, there's a guy on the roof of a building and he's not blank so you know him, but who is he? his father? his brother? why is he watching you on the roof? this is going to annoy me!

SpringMissile responds:

Well, it's a character we've been planning to put in a game for a long time, and giving him a role in this game was crucial for when we make a game about him (which we will), so keep a look out ;) Cheers!

I think you accomplished what you hopped to do. sadly, I wished the narrative was read with a little more empathy rather than a "matter-of-fact" tone. Choosing your words wisely can make the world of difference in how the story is perceived. I'm not concerned with the game play, because as to 72 hours I think it worked quite well for the purpose. Again, though, I wish there was more an explanation as to how he died... because honestly I don't even know if he was meant to me the driver or not... even though, if he was or wasn't the driver I couldn't really see why physically pushing the monstrosity from the outside would make any difference. But I reiterate, for 72 hours I think its good work... not great or astounding, but enough to deserve 3.75 in my books

Probably one of the more gripping short narratives I've heard on NG to date. This was, by far, the best short game I've played on NG.


Even taking into consideration that this was a "game" produced in only 72 hours, I can find no redeemable qualities in it to justify a score higher than a 1 out of 5 stars.
When one looks objectively at it, there is really nothing here besides a lot of smoke and mirrors.
I'm sure something more substantial could've been produced, even in such a short amount of time. I'm curious aboutt he other games made for this 'Ludlum Dare 27" to see how this compares.
Now, don't get me wrong, i'm not trying to criticize this just for the sake of criticism, I just find nothing of note here nor anything worth more than the 1 star I gave it. That one star is for making a "game" in 72 hours - I give you credit for that.

SpringMissile responds:

There are plenty of qualities that deserve at least more than one star, which others have clearly stated. I see no constructive feedback in your comment but thanks for the view.