Reviews for "Mr. Moore's Last Seconds"

This really was more an interactive movie than a game. I appreciated the artwork and the music works too; I can't forgive the stale story and boring game play though. For a Ludum Dare game it's definitely not bad, but there were some very gratifying submission for this dare and this game is not one.

The voice acting ruined it for me. I just couldn't take that sort of faux sophisticated accent seriously. Even then; the platforming is tedious, the item collection was barely there, and there's nothing that separates this from the many Braid inspired 2d pixel platform art games. That said, the spriting wasn't bad.

The voice acting was fantastic! I can't bring myself to give it too great of a rating due to gameplay. It's not that it was too short or too easy, but it was too bland. I would have appreciated a bit more dynamism, but for a game made in 72 hours, it was really quite a good little gem. :)

Great game is you like being creatively depressed.

(I do)

A short, sweet game that without the need of a solid or competitive gameplay can make you enjoy it. It is a very interesting concept that is amazingly executed by its narrative and music that fits perfectly with the mood of the game, proving that games can be used as a narrative art form. That said, the only reason I gave this 4 stars is beacuse I felt that Mr. Moore character could have been explored much deeper, making the player feel more connected with the character. Hope to see future projects as interesting as this.