Reviews for "Guradamajack!"

This needs some randomly generated levels and infinite mode... Only thing that frustrated me was behaviour of the boxes. It would be really helpful if they clipped to the tiles more predictably. But maybe that's just the way it was meant to be. Great entertainer!

GuyUngerNL responds:

you're totally right about the boxes. it was made for a jam though so i wont change it anymore. and generated levels would be cool but i dont think itll work cause the levels are kind of like puzzles. i could make a bigger version with loads of levels though!


GuyUngerNL responds:

that would be siiick! GO TELL HIM


Ireally enjoyed the game overall, but I think that there should be a grab button next to the arrow keys, since the game requires both keyboard and mouse and since I can't use WASD because I have a AZERTY (french) keyboard, I have no choice but to use the arrow keys...

Oh, and that's a dirty move to make the 8 looking like a 0 ...

GuyUngerNL responds:

yea youre totally right, but im not going to change it cause it would destroy the jamminez

Very clever, you really know what ten seconds feels like by the time you have beaten this!

A good idea in several levels where there is no barrier in front of the door, is to head for the closed door and shoot the enemies from there - when the last enemy dies, the door opens and the level ends immediately. If you're any distance from the door, since killing the last enemy must then be followed by a dash to the door - frustrating if you don't make it!

guy's did anyone notice the red knight on level 1?
ANYWAYS good game i like it really do very challenging and i like level 18's music until it got to 1
everything was well done but was expecting at least maybe 20 levels

GuyUngerNL responds:

Finally someone spots something! :p
and there are 2 more eastern eggs