Reviews for "Guradamajack!"

More than 10 levels. hilarious.

This deserves a 5 star!Great game,everything just sits fine.

and i know this was made for ludum but it could still use some more level

good lord that last level is hardcore.

Fun for a while, and very entertaining. Fluid movements, and I liked the graphics and sound effects.

Two things however were a deal breaker:
- When picking up the box, the controls were really hard. I just wanted to put the box a bit more up, but suddenly it was on the other side of my character. Getting used to this controls could have been an own game altogether.
- There's no quick way of resetting a level. Somethimes you screw something up at the beginning of the level, and know that you can't beat it in time. Then you have to wait up to 8 or 9 seconds, which sounds like a short time, but really is really frustrating. Side note: I tried to tap 'R' to quick-reset the level.