Reviews for "Guradamajack!"

I gave up at lv17, nice concept

Super sickkkkkkkk!!!

Great game.

Level 16 was so imbalanced, man. It was probably 10 times harder than 17 and 18 combined.

This game was great. Time attacks keep the blood pumping. I don't think some of the reviewers understand how challenging it can be to make a game in 72 hours.

Pros: Sound effects, music, graphics, and controls are nice.
Cons: Difficulty seems inconsistant with progression. Some levels in earlier stages are harder than levels in later stages. No save states from what I've seen. The game would be more challenging and long lasting if you had limited lives, but still have some way to earn them back (just my opinion). Time limit isn't obvious for some at first.
Conclusion: It's a nice little game, and it's a bit different than anything I've seen on this site. 7/10. Not bad.