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Reviews for "10 second unicorn"

Really don't know how to feel about this game, the unicorn slaying the horses part is kinda fun, maybe if killing added more time, or even a customizable unicorn. Has potential, just needs something extra or at least a way to earn time, I know its called Ten Second Unicorn, but the ability to add time, or maybe an item freezes time to make it the ten seconds last longer.
Love to see the next version of this game

robbe responds:

Soon! (If my day job + other hobbies do not kill me first)


robbe responds:

Yes, I am. Thanks for the great helpfull comment!

Fix the Border; When i ran through the second time i got to the end of the screen/Max is 29 horses.

Overall i like it, but wish the unicorn seemed more expressive when he is pushing out the horn and then happy when the horn completes.

robbe responds:

Border fixed, mister!
(Have you seen his eyes, they are mad with power!)

This game is broken. I mashed the crap out of my mouse and the unicorn horn won't even go 1/4th the way... fix it!

robbe responds:

It is not broken, but maybe your mouse is now :).
And because you are special and I love you, you can now press space to grow your 'horn' instantly

Growing your horn is way to difficult to do it more than once. The game it self really isn't that fun and is pointless to play it more than once.

robbe responds:

I added a pussymode, just for you!