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Reviews for "10 second unicorn"


You killed 0 lame horses and traveled -134,9 meters!
Well done! (click to play again
great game!Man, this game has poteintial, when the dare is over i think you could make something really even AWESOMER out of this already AWESOME game
P.S. LoLif you use pussymode it turns into a plushie unicorn

robbe responds:

And not just some plushy unicorn. It is our dear friend the 'penicorn'.

This is pretty funny for the first play-through, but after that, you realize it's the same thing every time and there's no room for the player to improve. It's literally running in a straight line for 10 seconds and hoping that the dash recovers quickly enough for you to get further.

It really feels that this is another game that's using the over-popular Ludum Dare as an excuse to be lazy. I may be wrong, but I don't think the point of the 10-second-dare is to make a game that you'll lose interest in after 10 seconds.

There's so much more you could've done, such as add in obstacles and power-ups. You could start the player out with 10 seconds on the clock, but drop something here and there to give you a few more seconds that allows you to play longer. Otherwise, it's just a pointless game that you know will end in 10 seconds no matter what you do, and that you'll never get more than 30 horses because it's literally not a possibility.

Note that this is simply constructive criticism, not hate. I think this is a good concept and it can be improved a lot if you spent more time on it (but apparently the dare thing doesn't want you to do that?). In any case, good luck winning the contest. Hopefully you'll work on this after it's over.

robbe responds:

I'm not in for winning or anything (there is no prize anyway), I'm just in for shits-and-giggles.

And you are right about everything, but I did not intend to make a game you could play forever, I just wanted to make some people laugh (or at least smile) and I think that is what I did.
And indeed, the dare is to make a game within 48 hours. So yea, I did not spend a lot of time making this game.

I really think you should do a badge where you need to kill 30 lame horses, i always get 28/29 kills..lol
Other than that, nice game!

BEST GAME EVER! Would be much better if it was made longer with upgrades and etc. I could see this game evolving from this state into something much better. But for 10 seconds, it's still an epic game.