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Reviews for "10 second unicorn"

simply fantastic ^_^

I understand why the haters ban this game but if you don't like it , go f*ck yourselves.This game is not meant to shine.It is meant to kill time.And besides what do u want from a game made in 24 hours?I bet the developer hadn't spend his entire day just making this game.I hate point and click game but do I go there just to post negative comments?NO, I DON'T!Instead of spamming how lame and awful the gameplay is, suggest ideas that can help improve it.Some of us just a small portion of the gamers who don't spend their lives sitting in front of the PC and are acrually DOING something useful.So instead of hating games, SHUT UP or be of some USE to the gamer society.

P.S. English is not my native language so spare me replies of how many mistakes I have made.

robbe responds:

Well said, sir. Well said. But overal the response was pretty positive for something like this.
(or maybe I just choose not to see the negative side of things)
And your english is fine, mine is not better.

Simply bad. Nonexisting gameplay, press mouse for 3 seconds and then spam space+right for 10 seconds game over. Just terrible.

robbe responds:

Oh, but did thou not see a horse turn into a unicorn? I bet you did not, because you would not hate it sp much if you did.

this game is fun to play when bored :D

This here, is proof that you don't need a long game for it to be fun, I did laugh.