Reviews for "Cannibal Mac Prototype"

This game is a great idea but of course this version is way too bare and honestly quite boring with a lot of major tweeks it can be a fun game but a lot needs to change: levels, aimation, pesentation, and much more are just not part of this game and need to be

This game is pure shit. The controls are on that QWOP level. And the screen doesn't scroll. You actually have to push a button to see the playing field. I feel like this should be saved on a floppy desk with "My First Game" written on the label with a backwards "e".

A good start

For a game made in 48 hours, this is impressive. I like the Keyboard orientated controls, well the layout more like it. Sticking with a mirrored layout for the camera was a nice touch.
Traps I know could do with more detail but it's a feature that has potential. Keeping in mind it's a prototype, the features I would like to see more of are the traps as I mentioned, something added to line of site, a display of how far they can see etc, and items such as a bear trap, pipe as a weapon. you get the idea haha.

But like I said, 48 hour game, very impressive and thoroughly enjoyed it. Hope to see more from Cannibal Mac :)

dig it. maybe give the option to lay down more than one trap after it gets tripped. maybe include upgrade options with each level passed. enjoy it so far for what it is.