Reviews for "Cannibal Mac Prototype"

I know this is a prototype game so im not gonna hate but why only 3 people? and the medals are a bit easy make them harder!

very cool game

die little shits

Die Minecraft campers DIE!

i like the idea of using stealth and skill to kill unsuspecting victims, but using a preexisting serial killer and just renaming him is just UGH. the camrea controls are NOT to my liking, id prefer if the camrea followed mac around the map, victim sprites and trap sprites looked awful and the AI wasnt any better. i know im nip picking here but im being honest, at its current state, its not fun.

***redo the sprites, the victims and traps especially and make your own NEW killer to play as, and maybe add jason and several others as playable unlockables.
***add alot of different levels with different goals and gimmicks , doing the same thing isnt fun
***make it a little more challenging, maybe you need to hide a victims body so the others wont be alerted? or add police sprites with flash lights and greater detection distance. create some obstacles.
***the camrea was pretty meh, the camrea should be folloing you around, maybe there should be a "sense" mode to vaguely tell you where the victims are?
***add some animations, it looks alot better and gets you hyped up more

these are some suggestions i have, you got a good thing going here, just needs to be put together in the right way so it can come out a decent game, hoped my insight was useful and keep at it.