Reviews for "Cannibal Mac Prototype"

Awful controls.WASD to move and X to attack is very awkward.Their also should be some way to keep the camera on the player.Although it is a prototype made in 48 Hours.

ok I like the concept but can the quality be a bit better the next time round?


This game is outright confusing and useless. I started up the game and as soon as i saw the graphics and moving animations, i knew i was in for something bad. As i progressed in the game, i found out the campers are just MS paint blocks. The medals are WAY to easy and the traps are circles. If this is going to be a real game, it needs real help.

makehimanoffer responds:

It was a jam game to be honest. not a good jam game. just mechanics basis if anything.

lol. Cannibal Mac, the whole game idea is so wrong, it's good. I would like to see the game developed much further, and with more medals of course.