Reviews for "Vortex Point 2"

To answer the statement below, the masked man "predicted the future" as said by Craig. The masked person wasn't actually strangling her at the time. And then she went into the bathroom and the photos developed. That's when the masked man was revealed and Selena disappeared.

Great game though, had a good time playing!

It was alright. The bobbing of the heads while talking became annoying but not a big deal. What I didn't get though was at the beginning, when the two girls go into the booth to take photos , the brunette comes out and says shes going to wash her hands , ok fine ... but when the paranormal trio get wind of the situation one of them states that a police officer told her that the girl that waited for the photos to be developed saw in the photos " a masked man strangling" her friend. SOOOO, I know that if I was just being strangled in a photo booth , I wouldn't come out all calm and collected and go and wash my hands, I'd be freakin the F out. Also , why didn't her friend see or hear anything inside the booth? Those booths are quite small. So , that's all I have to say, and that really ruined the game for me.

That was good, the only thing i didn't like was the change from a 2 room office to a 1 room office.

Your main character is such a jerk. I laughed so much when he said "My" axe just broke. Like he really cared about an axe he just stole. hahaha. I really liked this game, but I liked the way the ma was on the first one better.

Can't wait for vortex point 3 :)