Reviews for "Vortex Point 2"

Wtf when happen at the end,Oh no

that ending! <3

took me a LONG while to get the magician to leave tho!
SPOILER ALERT usetheboardonsomethingthatcanbreak


Omg this one is great. I love the ending. And the "oh my god" when she sees the photos is friggin' hilarious. Love it. I also love the little theme song in the beginning, I find myself singing it...

So this was the second piece in the saga of point and click detective games we've all grown to love! Though it's as entertaining as ever, it feels strange playing it without that medal... any plans on adding those even for older games? Might give a boost in revisits to the classics; especially with this series it'd be fun with that continuity of reward. Story, graphics; script as always: great!