Reviews for "Vortex Point 2"

kool game by the way I don`t complain about the music cause the volumes on mute got to on movie nights

I loved the game. I found it creepy when the missing girl had my name. The game had descent game play, good graphics but the voice acting I didn't like so much. So 4 and a half stars if the voice acting was better I give it 5.

way more layers than the last one and the very ending was clever. I agree with one of the other reviewers though, the girls voices were... ugh. The rest of the voices were pretty good, just choose some not wooden sounding voices next time! Also, can we have a little more of the ending? Like watching the character take down the bad guy? That would be fun. Still, like what I've played so far overall. The humor, puzzles, and stories are better than most point and click adventures out there. I'd love to see a longer game. Heck, I'd buy one for my phone.

good game

While the ending was must better than the first one I didn't like the female voice acting here. For some reason I liked how it sounded playing Habla Kadabla but it just seemed off for the three girls in this game, especially Caroline. Except for one puzzle it was also very simplistic. Again, I excepted this in Habla Kadabla because it's clearly geared more towards a younger crowd but I'm pretty sure a man strangling people in a clown mask isn't kid friendly. It's a step up from the first one but not quite there yet in my book.