Reviews for "Super Invaders"

Really good addictive gameplay. Finally got the boss and liked it

I like it pretty shitty but that good kind of shit u know the green kind with specks of blood on it

Good Combat games!


Alright everyone calm your tits.

This is a decent game, a good one I dare say. And yes it is not for wussies and casuals.

I am all for hardcore difficulty in games but damn, people who made this game took it to a whole new level.

While I am writing this review, beads of sweat are still rolling down my back and my face and my chair is completely drenched. The air is filled with ass smell.

Congrats on that one guys, you really caught my attention until the boss fight. Oh, thanks for the boos fight button (that I only noticed after my third retry), I was about to hurl the computer out of the window.

I seriously do hope that you did play your own game because if I am the only one who struggled big time then I am truly too old for this shit.

This mini game has a serious balancing problem:
-laser is utter shit until the end and the upgrades are WAY too much expensive
-magnet collector is a joke
-guided rockets are too slow as well
-hitboxes are unforgivable (especially on the boss fight)

The only good weapon, in my opinion, remains the canon. Good firepower and good damage. The machinegun is alright (only at the start of the game though).

That kind of game is not my specialty but I wanted to give it a try and I succeeded but oh boy do my fingers hurt.

Yet I had fun, the graphics are good because of their simplicity, colours are alright in my book and the sfx/music is bearable (only muted after 2 hours into the game).

Not five stars because I really had to force myself to remain calm and make it through the end.

Overall you did good guys, congrats and I hope you did test your game until the end. You should have seen the problems that I mentioned otherwise you are pure cyborgs killing machines with mad reflexes and I am a mere human.

Casuals, word of advice, you might wanna steer clear out of this game.