Reviews for "Super Invaders"

Meh,Like Any Other Game U Find In The Web.

Its good but not the best.

Helpful hint when making a shooting game: don't make your character so big that it literally can't dodge some bullets. That's just bad design. I took too many hits from spread shot bullets just because my tank was too big to fit in between them.

It says, "Super Inviders"... Typo?

A decent, almost addicting game, but there are things that need to be fixed or added. Coin magnet is not powerful enough to even invest in. There should've at least been one or two more backgrounds to decrease that feeling of repetitiveness. The music is really bland and boring and should've had some kind of melody in the in-game theme. Sound effects could have also been a little more original or at least not something as well-known as the SMB coin sound. Overall, I consider this game average, but I do think it has potential.