Reviews for "Super Invaders"

i want to cellect these orange coins all my life...


A real mouse breaker :) Congrats.

Awesome game it feels like i am a little kid again thanks Pipkin Games

This Game is very much perfect. The weapons all remain useful until nearly the very end, with the exception of the machine gun. (Maybe make it's bullets travel faster at higher levels and slow down the Shotgun's bullets? Or give it a slightly higher spread and greater rate of fire?)

The weapon upgrades are quadratic functions, which means it is not wise to just upgrade the "best" weapon. All of them have their use, even if you fully upgraded the laser, you'll still need the rockets or still want the shear unbeatable firepower of the cannon.

Finally the waves of Enemies are preprogrammed and remain engaging. You sometimes need not only wait until you can afford the next upgrade, but also need to think of strategy. I also liked that you needed to learn the hard way that some enemies could shield others.

All in all I have to say: Nearly Perfect. If you can get the minigun to stay useful after the shotgun and the cannon are fully upgraded it will be. Maybe you could introduce a small fast moving and annoying enemy, who can only really be killed by placing streams of bullets in it's path.