Reviews for "Heli vs Tower"

Could use some work
Definitely needs a shop to buy upgrades. This way if you lose your helicopter and need to steal another one you're actually bummed since you need to buy upgrades again.

If you happen to lose your copter you should have a way for you to continue to climb the tower as a person until you can steal another helicopter.

I think you should implement a money system.
Like for every enemy you kill you get 5 bucks that can be used to buy special weapons or helicopter upgrades.

I'd also like to see a change in background art. Like at 500 points you're in space fighting aliens or something

Eggy responds:

Yeah true, for a sequel I'll definitely add upgrades.

Its OK, but:
- kill -> money -> upgrades
- more types of enemies
- chainsaws? really?
- please change eject command to "E" or "DD"
- autofire would be nice

Eggy responds:

Who doesn't love chainsaws! :(

this game is addicting and fun but gets boring after awhile because there is no boss battle there are just enemies and you can die in the heli so many times theres no sense of failure until you die completely the special attacks are too powerful and are gone very fast

its good


#1 there seems to be little to no difficulty curve that rises as you progress
#2 enemy's suck and so does your chopper (perhaps a shop where you upgrade your starter chopper a bit as well as adding different chopper to grab)
#3 too slow paces for something like this speed it up a little.
also the music is annoying and the game sound could be turned down a little.

other wise a good attempt and a promising idea.

Eggy responds:

The game does get harder the higher you got, but maybe I made it a little too slow.