Reviews for "Heli vs Tower"

It's pretty cool, but slow-paced.

I don't think the stick-man enemies gel with the other assets...pretty decent FX, though.

level generation is pretty tight, and there are some interesting variation in obstacles. granted, there don't seem to be many of them, but they work alright.

i opted to play without sound, sorry. nothing against the game, but i just usually prefer to test without it. usually the volume is really loud, with cheap SFX...and there is rarely a seperate option to mute only the music or SFX, much less a slider. Here I unmuted for a second, hear a cheap Synth kick in and muted again.

physics are almost non-present. The helicopter eases through changes in direction, but this effect is sort of clunky in this instance. Would have liked consistency in upgrades, as in getting to decide when each is used. Being able to stack them in a queue would have been a nice touch, as well.

pacing is very slow, would have liked a gradual increase in how quickly you ascend the tower. this provides a great incentive as the player progresses.

additionally, there aren't hi-score tables so a hi-score is sort of a moot point here, which is most of the reward for playing anyway.

Had to play on low-quality with my 0.5 Ghz CPU, 0.5 GB RAM, and 500MB Video Card. I think this is a problem for a game that doesn't feature rich graphics or particularly deep math.

out of 10....

GFX - 6 (workable, but inconsistent)
SFX - N/A (did not review)
DESIGN - 6 (interesting concepts, but not pursued...little variation)
GAMEPLAY - 4 (Slow-pace, controls clunky, no hi-score)

Overall, I think the Author may have been a touch hasty in releasing this. Many features could have been improved upon in a fairly short time. There are interesting ideas, and the sparks of a great arcade Title are here. I would be thrilled to play a sequel.

Regardless of the short-comings, I still give this game...


Eggy responds:

Thanks for the greatly detailed review. It does suck it needed to be played on low quality on your computer.

its ok but needs work so i will give you a good rating cuase you deserve it

Eggy responds:

Aww thanks :3

good concept and i wanted to play it but it controlled like shit.

Ice man has it all right
but he forgot that the bullets rise. as the tower goes down, instead of staying at the level they were fired at.

Eggy responds:

I originally made the bullets like that and it didn't look right :/

It wasnt that good like other games , but it was alright , it needs some work.:/