Reviews for "Heli vs Tower"

...well...the idea is somewhat original, but I didn't find the game really engaging...which wasn't really helped by the controls feeling somewhat floaty...the the ability to eject out of your chopper is a somewhat neat thing though.

...both the graphics and sound are...meh...they're not terrible by any means, but they have a lot of room for improvement- for instance, bullets, as well as most of the powerups I've encountered, lacked much impact, both graphics- and sound-wise.

...overall, it CAN be a pretty enjoyable game which isn't broken and has a somewhat interesting premise...so it gets 3 and a half from me.

P.S: ...also...uhm...since the bullets travel relative to the screen, not the game world, most enemies standing far away can't hit you when you're standing still outside of the chopper because of the autoscrolling...just a thing I've noticed.

The game is preety good and all but isnt my kind of game.

Just wasn't my cup of tea...

Its pretty good.
The controls seem to be extremely messed up, though. I will give this game 3 and a half stars. It's kind of original.


Eggy responds:

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