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Reviews for "Paintcars"

I really don't think a lot of thought or effort was put into this. Its basically an advertisement for some gaming site. I came here for gaming, not commercials.

Daggietainment responds:

Hey man. Sorry you see it that way. I must admit it's a pretty simplistic game, but you would be surprised about the effort thing. My main purpose was not to make an advertisement but an enjoyable game. Onlinegames777 offered to sponsor the game after it was finished, which I greatly appreciated.

I did not like it, Art was not good and it was boring :(

Daggietainment responds:

I see. Well, maybe I'll amaze you some other day.

The main thing I had a problem with was the '777 Online Games' logo. Sometimes it covered up where I was getting the car and it made it a little confusing.
Yeah, it went away when you got close, but it made it more difficult, not knowing 100% where you were trying to go.
Still a good game, though.

Daggietainment responds:

Yeah I get a lot of comments about that sponsor logo. I'm happy it didn't ruin the game for you.

This is a simple game to play and easy to get your head around on how the game works. The game does get harder as you gain control of more cars to control, which use the same controls. The later levels really did make you think of your next move because an error means you have made the level impossible to beat, especially the last level.

For a simple game like this, I couldn't see how there wasn't more levels since it did feel short with only 18 levels. Once you begin thinking outside the box, the game gets too easy. The music gets repetitive since it is the same track being loop through the whole game, consider having separate music tracks for menu, levels ETC.

Do hope there is a second game for this with loads of levels. Good work.

Daggietainment responds:

Hey man, glad you liked it. I'm not planning a second game. I have so many ideas for new things, so when I have time for flash development, I'm gonne put some energy in those. Also, to be completely honest, I didn't like designing these levels. I lost track of my own thoughts when designing them. That way I ended up trying to complete levels I just made without being sure they were completable.
I enjoyed making levels for my previous game puzzlepunch way more. I might come up with more (harder) levels for that one.

Nice potential. Simple and fun.

Daggietainment responds:

Nice potential... hmmm... I'll take it!