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Reviews for "Paintcars"

fun, not terribly challenging. My main complaint is that the game site logo often covers up the ending location, making planning ahead impossible on the first attempt...

nice game, a classic idea with a small but innovative twist.

Only the freaking huge sponsor banner was kind of in the way on some stages...

Daggietainment responds:

Yeah, I might have overdone it with the banner. Anyway, thanks for playing.

I liked the game. After playing a few rounds I did find the music annoying but overall I had fun. I wonder how this new job-thing will influence your games? Do you think that your hard drive might become littered with unfinished projects?

Daggietainment responds:

Hey man, thanks for playing.
For once my hard drive isn't littered with unfinished projects. I published all the crap I had laying around (not all on NG though). I'm working on something new, more ambitious. Thing is, when I come home from work I really don't feel like coding and drawing anymore. It's against my lazy nature. :D I do some development in the weekends, but progress is slow that way. I really look forward to having some time to put some work in my current game.

a very short game, it the levels were ok but the art was very basic and the add was obnoxious

Daggietainment responds:

Well, thanks for giving it a try anyway

Paintcars is an amusing semi-challenging mini game with varied severity equally distributed throughout each level: gradually but steadily elaborating into a complex maze that sucks you in; forcing you to complete each frustrating level in hopes of another medal soon. The clean designs are pleasant on the eyes, however it's still a bit dry in the graphic department.

Daggietainment responds:

Whaa, such a pro review ;). I can't possibly disagree with the part about graphics.