Reviews for "Kitt's Kingdom"

well designed but freaking boring and easy

Great game. Great art, great gameplay, just enough cats.

its good but a little slow pace. great game if you have some spare time that you are looking to waste.

Nice little game. A bit too easy. While the variance of enemies was nice, the difficulty never seemed to match the upgrades. I pretty much used the maxed handgun throughout with the aid of the turrets. Some really nice positives - ammo is universal, so I'm not waiting for enemies to drop a certain pickup. Standing on the fort was also a nice touch. A little more fine tuning, and this would be a great game.

I can not fully upgrade everything!!! . This game does not fulfill my upgrading needs!!!
It sucks that I can not continue after killing the dog with 2 swords.....
well atleast I played the hack version after and started from the beginning with same upgrades.
But really in this game so many upgrades are never used and they just go to waste. Make it so if you start new game you keep same upgrade or add double the waves after you complete game.