Reviews for "Kitt's Kingdom"

too easyand bit short but a good game none the less

I loved the game, I just really wish the medals worked.

Great fun, played it in one shot. Good art style and animation, and the gameplay was engaging. The mute and website buttons are in entirely the wrong place, more than a few times I clicked them by accident as they're right in the line of fire. And on tabbing back to the game I'd be stuck heading in the direction of the enemy, getting munched to pieces. was fixed by pressing the corresponding direction key though. Would be better if you were always outside the base. Cutting off fire seemed a little pointless. As others have mentioned the balance is a little off. I only managed to fully upgrade the pistol, and that was enough, plus a few castle and turret upgrades. Speaking of turret upgrades, the turrets never seemed to change visually, except with the castle, when I think they were raised.
Once the game was over I had a lot of upgrades left to buy. I never even bought the minigun.
Would maybe be nice to see an unlockable continuous wave mode, to allow you to use all the upgrades. That said, I like games with closure, and it makes me smile knowing Kitt Kingdom is safe now. And I suppose it allows multiple playthroughs in which you choose different areas to focus on.
All in all, it was a fun game, and probably one I'd enjoy playing again. Just not any time soon.

Great game. Great art, great gameplay, just enough cats.

needs medals but i gave them flees