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Reviews for "Madness Destruction"

You never can go wrong with a little Madness, great idea for a collab! There's prenty of creative action and comedy in this, the one with the sun was pretty fun, the process of creativng a soldier was interesting to see, the mindless killing was what I hoped for, the flashing lights at the credits were annoyingly fast and flashy, and the menu buttons were a bit hard to click when they were moving, they seem not to be clickable all the time either, took me a few clicks to get the collab started. Overall, great work! Btw 5 months of work!? You mean... 5 months of collab organization? Bit misleading. :P


Kenamy responds:

haha, not my fault, but you need to be fast, you are affronting a troll menu. about 5 month of work, well... it not appear for you liek this but the credits, intro, scene select, menu, taked me over 2 months, and 3 months for my parts.

I'm glad to see that there are some new animators, but unfortunately there are a number of issues with some of the animations I've seen in this flash. First and foremost, however, I'd like to give kudos to liuzirui1122 for his fluid movement and attempts at trying something different, as seen in part 17, rather than just sticking to the "point A to point B while rushing through X enemies". Aside from him, however, the rest of you have the potential to hone your skills and do something great with Madness, and hopefully you'll be able to use this as a stepping stone to move onto bigger and better things. However, there are two general problems that I've seen not only here but in a number of collaborations, supported by the fact that certain animators are simply stuck at their current level of skill. Fear and ego are two dangerous factors to have and will either slow down your progress completely or even lead to worse displays of animation. For example, Juanford66 has changed, let alone improved, his style very little since I first noticed him. The gun movement is extremely unrealistic, he rarely decides to flip his characters' perspective (from viewing left to right, vice versa, this is a problem with others too as it leads to rushing through a scene and an ultimately boring fight), and it's not satisfying to watch his parts. He can improve, everyone can, but the biggest factor holding you back is the fear to try something new, to scrap everything you know and start fresh. Secondly, if anyone were to hypothetically respond with something like "My style is amazing, it's my own and that's why it's good! There's nothing wrong with it because it's my style!", they deserve a swift slap to the head. You may develop your own style of art and animation, but it's not "good" because you say it is, a style is good because it is visually appealing to the viewers of your animation or art. Sure, opinions may differ, but it's important to avoid the "this is epicz/awesums!" comments, suck up your ego when someone tells you that you're shit and put in every bit of your effort if you want to improve. From my experience, the only way I've been able to improve is constantly say to myself "This isn't good enough, I'm shit, I need to try harder and IMPROVE", accept the harsher criticism full hearted and thank away the nicer comments. In the end, I've encountered two types of animators; ones who are open to criticism and changing what they do, and others who will retaliate defensively and almost instantaneously at the first sight of criticism. Unless you've have some God-given gift at animating, ego is your worst enemy, and even then it can lead to a very negative reputation. So to wrap it up, drop your fear, don't let your ego build up, accept criticism and act as if it's right even though you don't 100% agree with it, otherwise you'll be stuck in your ways for the rest of your time as an animator. Good luck on improving, you all have quite a bit of potential, but you just need to get over a few bumps in the road. Afterwards, you'll be able to fine tune your style, art and animation, but patience is truly a virtue.

Kenamy responds:

Holy shit, what a nice writer.

Well, you speak the truth, and yes i never say that i don't accept any negative critism, i was just wanted a comment... if it was dissapointing or something like that, to explain how and why they rate lower to maybe a another day to improve better on it, and i know that im a bad animation because delamortes is one i like the best at animation, and im conparing mine to their... and yea, this collab was unoriginal like others who existed staring 2009 probably. but i tryed, i accept critism, but i dont tolerate without reason, or yes maybe a simple madness haters. it now 1 year im animating and i see that i have improved, sadly not enough but maybe i will probably be better, maybe not? liuzirui1122 was the best, everyone know... and about others collaborators... such as... em well you dosen't say who dosent approuved at animation and they rested the same but im not in the cause of it, so tell them yourself... well i think your reviews this will be useful for certains, thank you for your descripted critism. once again i will try to improve more and gettin' better and better. well, that what i hope, i have somem difficulty with walking.

WHAT??? This is not my idea...?
Did you use one in your part of my original collab and it's a shame because I had a good idea same time, and I wanted to release it on my birthday..

Collab had errors, but the menu was really nice. Some parts in collab I liked because it was something new. But the music does not quite fit me there next time try for something faster, be DrumStep.

Kenamy responds:

Well, first, thank you for your review,
second, em, well i have no idea what are you talking about,
but if you was going to post it, then, i got it first so yea, that not your idea anymore.

Yes, there are some errors, but if you look carefully all, that how you can find the easter egg. for some, it was by default.

well im not really good at choice music, im sorry.

You got me with the Dad reference.

I feel very mature right now.

Kenamy responds:

No Problem, its good to help people.

Oh my gawd EPIC!