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Reviews for "Madness Destruction"

Yez, thiz iz awezome >:D

The sun's movement could've been a bit more fluid. Took too long to get his actions done, IMO.
Overall, a good flash. Good music, good homage to the series. Not as good as madness originals (but then again, what is?)
Good job.

The animation is fine and the FPS was good. Most of them were over 25 frames... but there was nothing particually interesting or new. It wasn't a waste of time, it was okay BUT GOD DAMN THAT MUSIC WAS ANNOYING. Don't say "Well turn off your volume then," but i want to hear the sound effects. 1.5 Stars...

Kenamy responds:

25 frames ? are you considering that animating madness is easy like shit ?

Well cool. Some part are a little fast and others are okay.

Kenamy responds:

Probably because are you lagging, for example, the only moment i lag is in first zemort part, and i have no idea how and why..

Great collab, random action, a bit of humor and some weird moments, but all the scenes are well made and long enough to enjoy them.