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Reviews for "Madness Destruction"

It doesn't bring anything new to the table. Perhaps you should consider more creative ways of killing? Shooting and stabbing don't cut it anymore. The wood chipper part was funny, though.

Kenamy responds:

maybe later we will finally found a original and creative madness video ?
well, i have no idea, but it's really more harder that you imagine.
and but there already lots of ways to kill, rarely found news one.
thank for the descripted critism. it will probably help others to do it better ;)

Great animation! It must have been really hard work to get the collab done in 5 months, but it paid off.


Kenamy responds:


Jesus took way too long to make an appearance! Other than that I only have minor problems with this flash, such as no real over-arching story, and each contributors section only lasting a few moments then switching to another piece.

Kenamy responds:

Sorry if it dissapointing you, but this is a collab like others.

Un freaking believable. this is so awesome!!! :DDD