Reviews for "tuna fish"

Amazing Idea with GREAT potential!!!

This is a SPLENDID Idea, and pretty good attempt! I think the layout could be a bit better. Getting to the words you want is rather difficult because it's too easy to play the words you DONT want, which often led to a garbled sounding mess not pleasing to the ears. If you could find a layout that allowed for easier, and faster navigation, then this will be PERFECT!!

Anyway, it's a great job non-the less. This is a fantastic idea! Congrats on making the first ever interactive song! I hope to see more awesome projects from you in the future along these lines!

Hehe that was fun!

I started to get a song going there... my only problem is the fact that all you do is roll over it to make the sound. So if you're trying to get, say, from 'so' to 'U', you have to be careful to not get twenty other sounds going.


I'd like it more if the audio quality was better.



so beautiful

wow wow wow
you are such an amazing Flash artist
and don't let anyone tell you differently ^_^

Welcome to my Favourites list ^_^

Yours, Peachie xoxo