Reviews for "tuna fish"


That's greaT!
one of a kind!
keep up the good work!

It got confusing and loud in a few places... but it work!

Maybe I just don't get it.

but I didn't like it at all. I didn't like how you had to roll over them to make them say something it should have been a clickable thing.

Interesting idea, if not aimless.

Interesting idea, but not much else. Splicing words together for a song is a neat idea, but this doesn't do the concept justice. First, it would be much easier to click on the words rather than roll over them. Secondly, most of the words come out rather jumbled over the whole mess of overlaying music. So while this is a neat idea, it's not really all that good in practice.

tuna fish what?????????

good effort i didnt get it could yoo explain please how yoy meant to play it as i didnt get it good music and the fish were well animated i would have given it a higher score like a 9 but i didnt understand it

Lots of fun and addicting

I like this, it was very addicting... I played it for a while, only two suggestions, make some of the words louder and make it so you have to click on the words, sometimes i got a word by accident after going to another. Overall, it was fun though good job!