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Reviews for "Mars Colonies Demo"

This game is awesome. I liked it a lot. The levels are quite hard to beat at the first try -a good thing personally-, either because the time or the enemies, its quite fun to have that race vs time.
And i loved the design~
Great job.

My only complaint is that it's too short. If you could make more levels, or a sequel with some new modules and missions, that would be excellent. This is a fantastic RTS, very well made. Took a little thought to figure out how to get stuff hooked up at first. I played an earlier version and I really like the updates you've made already.

You'd get a ten from me just for putting "Arnold Rimmer" in there. That gave me a right bucket of chuckles, that did XD

Overall excellent game though. Well balanced I thought whilst playing it. Not too challenging, but with some nasty surprises that keep one on their toes.

Awesome game, very addicting! I would love to see more of this :) More levels! More AI !

I didn't get the point of having Research Centers though, do they do anything?

а почему так мало миссии?