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Reviews for "Mars Colonies Demo"

this guy probably won't even read my comment but one problem i was having was i would have to turn off fighting for everyone because they would randomly go in and kamikaze a base, then when people would actually come and attack i had to turn them all on and off again. even if you can't fix the kamikaze guys it would be nice to have an "all on" all off" option.

*cough* I see what you did there /)

Awesome game!

Needs a sandbox mode however.

Nice game

The graphics are enjoyable, the gameplay is a combination of Dune and Majesty at it's best as far as i've seen. The storyline and the game as a whole could be a bit longer, though, and i thought it needs a few more music tracks.

Still, this game is awesome-tastic :D

It's a great RTS/management game, BUT you have got to give us a save option.

Otherwise, the sprite gifs seem to work okay so far. If you would add some more, then it would be even much greater! (BTW, why not bringing in some more building upgrades?)